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Harmonizing Alignment Process (HAP) sits beautifully between the models of Coaching and Counselling. This life transformational coaching process is designed for individuals who feel stuck, bored with life, mildly depressed, unfocused, stressed or burned out. These individuals may feel stuck, sad or frustrated however they do not feel desperate enough to see a Counsellor or motivated enough to see a Life Coach.
These coaching sessions provide the space in which someone can re-evaluate their life and receive the skilled support to help balance their emotions. Coaching sessions include tools which will gently and naturally re-awaken confidence, passion, energy and resilience.

Each Client Receives a FREE Harmonizing (HAP) Starter Pack

As a member of our Harmonizing team, your success is hugely important to us. We want to help you support your clients’ journey of success: our mindset realignment and stress management tools are important parts of The Harmonizing Alignment Process (HAP), therefore we give you access to a full range of support tools, including two audio downloads. The first is a relaxation track which will guide clients drop into a more present state and help them with relaxation. The second one is a mindset realignment tool which will help clients move into a more confident, empowered and optimistic frame of mind. We will also provide mood and energy monitoring charts to help your clients become familiar with their inner rhythms and cycles.

Boosted Confidence

It is so easy to live our lives pleasing others; when we do, something inside starts to move out of balance and our trust in ourselves and life can begin to fade. By re-connecting  with our inner feelings, exploring our strengths, unique passions, talents and gifts and by giving ourselves what we need, our confidence and zest for life will be re-awoken. By creating a concrete action plan which is supported by a nourishing, daily lifestyle routine, our life force and vitality will be renewed as we move onto the next step of our life with so much more clarity, connection and strength.

A Sense of  Purpose

If life feels difficult, if we feel we are not expressing our true self, if we feel we are on the wrong track, or  we are working just to gain money, our life will feel meaningless. Through The Harmonizing Alignment Process (HAP) we reconnect with our true self, boosting our confidence and helping us remember our natural gifts and talents in order to create a life filled with renewed passion, purpose and vitality.

The impact of this process is far reaching as we wake up our radiant life force and begin to move into a life of joy and ease.


This mind, body, soul immersion will gently help decompress stress, re-balance emotions and coach us into wellbeing by honouring our deepest needs.  By creating a rhythmic, nourishing daily lifestyle plan which sits in perfect alignment with our energy levels, we begin to experience the healing and energizing impact of renewed vitality as we reactivate our life force. We create a soft focus action plan of our future direction and dreams as we prepare to joyfully begin the next chapter of our life.

Breathing Space

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