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My life began in a little coal mining village in Scotland, I was born a passionate, optimist with the belief that absolutely anything is possible when we put our mind to it. Today, as a thought leader in the field of personal transformation, I speak to millions through my work in media to share a simple message. By changing the way we think, we can positively transform our experience of life. I’ve transformed my life against all the odds and I know that you can too.

Through my Harmonizing Academy, I’m on a mission to recruit a team of passionate, inspiring coaches to help humanity shift from the fast paced, materialistic, survival mentality of living life, to a more balanced, meaningful, time rich and connected experience of living.

Use your innate skills and life experience to help others.
You were designed to make a difference.
Step up and use your gifts,


It is time for you to rise up!

Dawn Breslin

A question I’m often asked is: What drives me to help others change their lives?

In 1995 I gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl. My ideal of being a happy go lucky mama was shattered when Liberty had colic and didn’t stop crying for 9 months. At 26 years old, I was numb. I had lost my confidence, my self- belief and my sense of identity. After two days of analysing my negative beliefs on a self-help workshop, my cloud of depression lifted and a new life was born.  Since that weekend workshop, I have been insatiably curious about the psychology of human potential and have committed my life to helping others achieve meaning and happiness in their lives.

In 2012 I experienced my second ‘break down’ when an online business I’d created ran out of cash flow and crashed. After two years of investing my life in the project, I was empty of life force. I was financially, energetically and emotionally bankrupt. I thought my career in self-help and coaching had reached a natural end. Unbeknown to me, this place of letting go was to be a place of a huge spiritual transformation and a turning point in the way I would live my life. The lessons I’ve learned have become the foundation of my NEW Harmonizing teachings.

My life is dedicated to spreading the Harmonizing message, to help humanity discover a more beautiful experience of living.  

I’m here on this planet to help others. Like me, you too have a unique set of gifts, lessons and insights which you will have gained from your life experience. If your calling is to help others move into their true and authentic potential, trust your hunches and follow your heart. Whether you are starting out in coaching or growing your existing business, The Harmonizing Academy is here to help you reach your full potential and tap into the deepest wisdom within you to heal, empower and transform your life and the lives around you.

Most importantly, I believe that no matter what your dreams or obstacles, you have the power to change your life and make it something beautiful, by doing so, you make a difference and indirectly change the world.


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