The Harmonizing Coaching Philosophy

Where your true nature and the nature of all living things

become one

The Harmonizing philosophy which underpins the Harmonizing Success and Well-being Coaching process has been influenced greatly by observing the guiding principles of nature. By applying these same guiding principles to our own lives, we too can discover new sustainable, vibrant ways in which to live and thrive.

Nature is intelligent

It is robust, strong and adaptable, always finding ways to thrive.

If you pour concrete over a tiny seedling, it will somehow find its way through the darkness, back into the light. You too are designed with the strength and courage to thrive. You have an inner guiding intelligence which will lead you out of difficult situations, emotions and feelings. This natural, guiding intelligence can lead you back to inner strength, energy and radiant vitality, all you need to do is tune in, trust and follow. When you learn to reconnect with your inner rhythms and feelings, inner balance is restored and your life will begin to fall into place. The benefits of this inner connection are far reaching both for you and the ones you love.

Nature takes what it needs to thrive
When you honour your needs you will thrive too

dawn bresling flowers philosophy

Nature thrives through a mix of rhythm & balance.

We are surrounded by natural cycles.The sun rises, the moon comes out. The tides ebb and they flow….

Women are designed with a fascinating internal cyclic nature and through the rhythms of the menstrual and menopausal cycles, each of us has access to the wisdom required to sustain a life of inner balance and radiant vitality. All we need to do is create a nourishing, rhythmic daily practice to create the stability to generate the energy and balance we need in order to thrive. When we lose touch with our true feelings, inner rhythms and natural cycles, we may feel confused about our changing energy and our fluctuating emotions.

You can always find balance when
you tune into your feelings and
give yourself what you truly need

dawn bresling flowers philosophy

Each aspect of nature is uniquely designed to support the whole ecosystem.

Each individual plant, animal and microbe is playing its own unique role in the unfolding of creation.

In the same way, each human being has a unique blue print, individually designed to support us in taking up our role in the jigsaw puzzle of humanity. When we look to nature, we see how each seed contains the fragrance, colour and design of a fully blossomed flower before it is even planted in the soil. Your soul blueprint holds your unique passions, talents and skills. You inherently know what these are, however your life experience may have blocked you from yours. By taking the time to explore, tune in and listen to your inner feelings, you can discover your soul blueprint which will lead you into a life of vitality and fulfilment. Like nature, you can soften, let go and adapt to the changes of life.

You are part of nature and have
a unique role to play in the
evolution of humanity and creation

dawn bresling flowers philosophy

Nature is resilient and adaptable.

Finding it’s way to reset and carry on growing after the storms.

Like the small plant covered in frost, you too can endure difficulties knowing that one day the frost will melt and the spring will come around again. Our lives are also in constant motion; they are filled with ever changing, moving cycles. Beginnings and endings are a natural part of the way we live and when we begin to embrace impermanence and we stop trying to control the uncontrollable, only then will we find peace and contentment.

Your life experiences change like the seasons.
Endings and beginnings are a natural part of growth.
Be flexible and embrace the
impermanence of life. 

dawn bresling flowers philosophy

Nature takes what it needs.

A tiny seedling only has the energy to actively grow into a fully blossomed flower when it receives water, nutrients & sunlight.

You too can enjoy life and thrive when you know how to look after your natural energy supply. When you don’t take time for self care, when you ignore how exhausted you feel, when you find it difficult to ask for support; overload and depletion will block you from living with radiance and vitality. By tuning into your inner rhythms and balancing the energy you give out with the energy you receive, you can begin to awaken a well of energy. The effects of caring for yourself will show up through your abundant energy, the glow of your skin and the sparkle in your eyes.

Like nature you too can flourish with ease

dawn bresling flowers philosophy

The life force moves through each organism to assist it in its own unique flourishing.

Some plants grow tall, others are small and delicate. Each creation is magnificent in it’s own particular way.

Nature doesn’t drive, strive or push to achieve anything; it simply unfolds naturally and organically. The life force moves through the plants and guides them on their life cycle. When we balance our strength, flexibility and vulnerability, we too can begin to align with the life force of creation and flourish.
When we feel energised we feel great and opportunities are attracted towards us. Conversely when we are downhearted, depleted or drained, life feels tough and we need to push to make things happen. When we learn to trust our inner rhythms we know when to rest and when to step up. By listening to our true feelings we can master our vital energy and begin to trust in the life force to help guide our journey. The wisdom of our true nature is astonishing.

Like nature, your life was designed to unfold

organically. When you tune into your feelings,

you too will be guided into your true natural potential

dawn bresling flowers philosophy

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