What is Harmonizing Coaching?

The Harmonizing Coaching model offers 3 bespoke mindful life design systems, each dynamically created to lead clients into optimum well-being, success and happiness.

Whether you’re brand new to coaching or you are established and ready to grow your existing business, the Harmonizing Academy will challenge you to coach at your most intuitive, heart centred level. It’s designed to activate your highest purpose and move your business into a profitable force for good in the world.

What makes Harmonizing Coaching different from other coaching models?

Where do we begin?
There are SO many differences.

1 – Heart Centred Coaching

We offer a heart-centred coaching and personal development model. In a heart based coaching session the individual learns about themselves. They will question who they are, what their natural qualities and abilities are, what they truly desire in all aspects of their life and they will enquire deeply about what motivates, drives and inspires them. They will focus on how they feel and how they would like to live, rather than focus on doing what they think is expected of them, either by themselves or others .

After a series of Harmonizing Coaching sessions, clients often feel more empowered than they have ever felt before.

Heart centred coaching allows us to uncover our authentic desires for  purposeful, vibrant, balanced living. These desires become the springboard to create an inspiring goal plan for optimum success, productivity and well-being.

2 – Bespoke Coaching Packages

Harmonizing coaching sessions are one part personal development and one part warm compassion relationship.

These one-to-one sessions attract both women and men who are ready to let go of the life which is no longer working for them as they step into the joy of living life again.  The one-to-one sessions help them build confidence, momentum and structure for an inspiring, balanced and successful life.

3 – Bringing Life Into Balance

Many people try to numb their true feelings and emotions with alcohol or medication. They may secretly wish to make a life change but have no idea where to begin, feeling caught between a rock and a hard place, they convince themselves they have no choices. Many secretly wish to have more family time, more time to themselves or more confidence to speak honestly about how they feel. Others wish they had less stress, responsibility or pressure. Harmonizing Coaching helps us take stock and re evaluate what’s important to our mental emotional and physical well-being. In our sessions we re-evaluate our values, our priorities and our current perspective of happiness or success. I guess you could say the sessions are similar to a life MOT!

4 – Harmonizing fills the gap between Coaching and Counselling

When someone feels sad, stuck, stressed, burned out or even a little depressed, they may need help to move their life into a better place. If they don’t seek help, years or even decades of their precious life can be lost. Many people don’t feel distressed enough to see a counsellor when they feel this way or indeed motivated enough to hire a Life Coach. If someone has become depleted in confidence, self belief courage or strength, they will require skilled support to help realign their emotions and energy. Harmonizing Coaching connects us back to our well of inner strength and natural confidence, it helps re-ignite our inner spark to activate the flow of our life once again.

Harmonizing Coaching

Harmonizing Coaching provides the space and skilled guidance to align our mental, physical and emotional perspective. It helps rebuild our foundation of confidence, courage and resilience in order to activate the momentum and energy required to create a re- energised life plan for the next chapter of our life.

How do the Harmonizing Packages work?

The Harmonizing Coaching Packages include 6 to10 weekly, 1- hour, guided coaching sessions of self enquiry and empowering self development. The coaching process naturally and organically leads clients into an inspired vision of success, increased energy and wellbeing realignment.

The process has been created by the Founder and CEO Dawn Breslin who has 20 years experience of coaching and personal development training in the private, coaching and corporate sectors. Dawn’s business experience is complimented by her extensive study in the field of Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Conscious Evolution, Spirituality and of course coaching!

How do I become a Harmonizing Coach?

Step 1- Residential Training

The coach training process starts with a 5 day inspirational residential training course. On the first few days you will embark upon your own personal development journey as you completely immerse in The Harmonizing Coaching process, giving you a first-hand experience of how it feels to experience the life transformational benefits of the coaching modules you will be using with clients.  The following days will focus on easy- to-follow practical small group exercises, where you will begin to practice coaching in a safe, nurturing, supervised environment.

The 5 days will be lead by internationally renowned personal development teacher and founder of The Harmonizing Coaching Academy, Dawn Breslin. Sessions are supported by The Harmonizing training team.

In March our Harmonizing Coach Training Certificate programme will be held at Lendrick Lodge, a beautiful holistic and personal development retreat centre, nestled in the heart of the wild Scottish Highlands. We absolutely love using this venue, the the food, accommodation and staff are simply delightful. Your accommodation is based on shared rooms, however if you would like to book a private room, you can pay a suppliment by booking directly with the centre. Lendrick is easy to reach by car, train or bus. Details can be found here. The nearest airport is Edinburgh International Airport and for anyone who is interested, we are very happy to arrange car shares. The course begins at 1pm on Wednesday the 1st of March

Step 2 – Case Study

Following the 5 day residential training programme, each student will be asked to submit an agreed number of audio recorded, pro bono case studies to their Harmonizing Trainer before Certification is granted. The number of case studies students are asked to submit is based on each individual’s personal experience.  (Our minimum requirement is 30 coaching hours).

You will also be required to submit notes from your 1:1 coaching sessions to record the progression of your skills development throughout your trainee period. These notes help you build your skill and technique as you record what you found difficult and what worked well in each of your sessions.

Step 3 – Certification

certificationimageWe take our certification process seriously. Once you meet a high standard of competence in your case studies, we then ask you to complete a telephone interview with your THCA Trainer. Certification is dependent upon this interview. We reserve the right to withhold certification to any coach we believe has not attained the appropriate standard.  In this instance we would review the areas requiring development and advise what further study and practical experience is required.

Step 4 – Building your business

Once you have completed your Certification Interview and become a Harmonizing Coach, your life will enter an exciting new phase! We will provide you with a website template page to be inserted directly into your own website. Don’t worry, if you don’t have a website we know someone who can make one for you. This page will include sales copy and everything you need to promote your 3 Harmonizing Coaching Packages.  It will also feature an exclusive and bespoke introduction by Dawn Breslin.


As a qualified Harmonizing Coach your name and business details will be placed on The Harmonizing Coaching Academy directory of coaches and will appear on our website.


Dawn Breslin is a successful coach, speaker and writer. With over 20 years of experience she will be involved in rolling out the Harmonizing message into the media globally.
Dawn’s commitment to the Harmonizing brand will assist you in building your own brand and achieving your goals in order to live the life you desire.  As a Harmonizing Coach you will have access to Dawn to learn from her experience and be guided by her to transform your life and the lives of your clients


Need additional support? Marketing, business advice, social media advice?  Let us know and we will connect you to our trusted advisers and experts who will understand exactly your type of business.

Who can become a Harmonizing Coach?

If you would like a deeply enriching, heart centred career which will deliver life transformational results and the freedom to work independently and in alignment with your highest values each day, The Harmonizing Coaching Academy is for you. Our ideal members fall into two categories:

 1. Commited Heart Centred Individuals Who Care

You would love to set up your own business to do what you do so naturally – help others.

You have been looking for the right heart centred, practical coaching course but nothing has resonated so far.

You would simply like to learn more skills to help yourself, your friends or your family members.

 2. Commited Business Owners

You are already a Coach, Therapist, HR professional, Mindfulness or NLP practitioner who would like to add another string to your bow in order to deepen the relationship with your existing clients. Or perhaps you would like to increase your revenue stream by adding another service to your business. If this is you, The Harmonizing Coaching Academy could be exactly what your business needs.

How much does the coaching certificate cost?


5 days training in all 3 of our Harmonizing packages


All training materials and workbooks


All food, accommodation and refreshments at Lendrick Lodge


Free access to all client coaching support material


Normal price for this package is £3,000.  Early bird offer £1995 (expires July 2017).


When is the next course in 2017?

We are very excited to have our Autumn 2017 course now available for enrollment.

Course Starts: 1pm on Wednesday the 13th of September 2017
Course Ends:  4pm on Sunday the 17th September 2017

There are only 12 places available on this programme and bookings are on a first come basis so don’t delay in letting us know if you would like to secure a place!

Book now to avoid any disappointment

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4after 3 months £550.00 GBP
Total £2,200.00 GBP
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