The Harmonizing Alignement Process (HAP) is an intervention designedto sit between the models of Coaching and Counselling. This life transformational coaching process has been created for individuals who feel stuck, board, mildly depressed, unfocused, stressed or burnt out. These people do not feel desperate enough to see a Counsellor or motivated enough to hire a Life Coach, however they do feel life is not working and they know they cannot make the change by themselves. The Harmonizing Alignment Process (HAP) helps us deal with fear and uncertainty, it helps us revitalise our energy, refresh our tired mindset and it guides us to refocus our life plans. HAP sessions provide the space and support to re-evaluate life whilst gently re-awakening confidence, passion, energy and vitality.

Use your unique gifts to become a heart centred Harmonizing Coach

At Harmonizing we are all about heart! Through our gentle, nurturing, supportive coaching process you will support clients to appreciate love and care for themselves. Under your skilled guidance clients will become stronger and blossom naturally into their full potential. You will feel so alive as you watch them grow!

Support others to build self love, self care, self compassion & self trust

At Harmonizing we believe true success is not about simply achieving future based goals, instead our model is designed to guide clients to feel great and enjoy the experience a sustainable life design enjoying life each and every day, as they move towards their dreams and aspirations. Through our training you will learn to transform lives, you will learn how to unlock passion, life purpose, courage, creativity and energy. Your coaching journey with us will guide you to heal, empower and inspire others to achieve their full potential. This work is a privilege ~ the rewards are amazing!

Support others into discovering life purpose and their full potential

At The Harmonizing Academy we don’t simply focus on goals. Our approach is holistic and designed to align the mind, body & spirit. Through our natural and dynamic coaching process, you will guide clients to connect with their heart’s desires then lead them on to design meaningful, energetic and purpose lead lives. Clients will adore you and you will feel such a buzz from helping transform lives.

Help others cultivate meaning, balance & harmony in their lives

Harmonzing coaching is about cultivating a sustainable approach to success. This means creating a life filled with passion, meaning and balance. Our coaching process is skillfully crafted to help you discover the needs and desires that your client craves around the areas of mind body & spirit. Clients will leave  with a balanced lifestyle plan which will help them cultivate the energy they need to achieve their goals and dreams.

Build a career where you are authentic, independent & free to be you

As one of our coaching team, we will be committed to guiding you in both life and business success! Through our customised web portal we will support you to create a heart warming, passion filled practice. We have done lots of the hard work to make this career choice as easy as possible for you. In return we are looking for a team of compassionate individuals to help us share The Harmonizing Alignement Process (HAP) message worldwide.

Come join my team and together we will change lives…

I’m Dawn Breslin, I’m the Founder of the Harmonizing Academy, I’m on a mission to help humanity transition into a new way of living: a way where vibrant well-being, free time, deeper relationships and a real sense of vision and purpose have their place in our day to day lives. My coaching process (HAP) guides individuals naturally to live inspired, energetic, confident lives: lives where the true and natural desires of the mind body and soul are unlocked. I’m recruiting a team of compassionate and committed coaches to work with me to create this much needed transition in the world. Do you have a burning desire to truly help others thrive? If so, do get in touch!


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